Similar to the Non-volatile memory (NVM) of a ROM, that is long-term and consistent, so too are the people that power our success. Supported by our business process model that begins with a history of collaboration and partnership, and with dedication to the communities in which we live and work, our multifaceted, multidimensional framework, fostered by old-school work ethic and a hands-on approach maintains accountability within our team.

Our innovative, solutions-oriented AEC professionals bring generations of experience to the planning, design, construction, and delivery of projects from inception to completion.

Hanif Abdur-Rahman – CEO

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hanif Abdur-Rahman provides overall leadership and direction to ensure ROM Group Inc. achieves its vision, mission, goals and objectives. Mr. Abdur-Rahman approves and adopts ROM Group policies and procedures; and maintains accountability for the performance of the entire organization.


Safiy Abdur-Rahman – COO

Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Safiy Abdur-Rahman works to refine, up-level, and align construction processes within the ROM Group Inc. operating model. Coordinating with members of our cross functional teams to measure performance, provide process clarity, document, and incorporate continuous improvement opportunities, and ensure that clear lines of communication are maintained, Mr. Abdur-Rahman is directly responsible for the development and monitoring of ROM Group business process improvement, performance management, technology, and training program initiatives.