Leveraging BIM as a process and technology on behalf of our clients, aiding and enhancing workflow and project delivery methodology, integrating technology to achieve desired outcomes, ROM Group Inc. incorporates overall BIM (building information modeling) implementation, lean process improvement and directing and communicating projects technology needs to facilitate workflow and process solutions that benefit our clients.

ROM implements BIM and related technology for improving process and workflow on projects helping to ensure:

  • Improved Collaboration
  • Better Understood Scopes; Increased Quality
  • Better Design + Construction Documents
  • Model Based analysis and simulations
  • Improved Design + Construction Duration‐Schedule
  • Decrease in RFI’s
  • Fewer Change Orders
  • Owner and End user Satisfaction
  • Bids with lower risk less contingency
  • Model coordination
  • Implementation of field BIM solutions
  • BIM for Safety, Budget and Planning
  • Earlier Certificate of Occupancy
  • As Built Models
  • BIM for Facilities Management + Operation and Maintenance